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Pipes and Pressure

Capabilities & Skills

Sharp Problem-Solving Skills:

Most of what we do is not necessarily straightforward. From acute installations, tight spaces, helicopter lifts to broader workforce challenges, here at W.J. Post, problem-solving skills are how we excel at rectifying any on site and project issues.

The Ability to Work Under Pressure:

Construction is a deadline-driven industry. It’s not uncommon for there to be several stakeholders waiting on a mechanical contractor to finish their part of the project. WJ Post technicians are capable of working under this pressure to complete our tasks while maintaining safety and top quality standards.

Excellent Interpersonal Skills:

Here at W.J. Post we pride ourselves on the ability to work well with other trades. This includes a plethora of subskills, including collaboration, negotiation, communication, conflict resolution, empathy, and the ability to be successful as a team.

Specialized in Hard Skills:

The definition of “mechanical contractor” leaves room for specialization,  W.J. Post’s highly skilled union mechanics excel at these hard skilled tasks. Consequently, technicians working in these tailored roles often require distinct hard skilled labor. W.J. Post hand picks the right mechanic for each particular role and task to ensure we complete a project to the highest standards.

Computer-Aided Design (CAD):

W.J. Post uses CAD software to create schematics and other drawings necessary for rendering our services and installations of piping and equipment. Proficiency with these programs together with other helpful mechanical drafting software’s ensures accuracy and efficiency in how we complete projects.

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Our computerized estimating department produces precise, detailed proposals in an expeditious manner. Our comprehensive database of materials, pricing and labor costs enables us to meet required due dates. Each proposal submitted is reviewed by a team of estimators to ensure accuracy and full project scope.


W.J. Post pride ourselves on maintaining excellent relationships with vendors, subcontract partners, general contractors, and owners to ensure project schedules are met. Engineering requirements are strictly followed in our installations. Our purchasing department works closely with our estimating team to procure equipment and materials in order to meet tight project budgets and deadlines.

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