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W.J.Post, Inc. is committed to running a Safe Operation for the very simple reason that it makes good sense. A safe operation equates to enhanced and diligent planning, resulting in effective, efficient work, while at the same time protecting our most important asset, our people.

A safe operation requires the cooperation and support of all of our employees, vendors, suppliers, subcontractors and clients. All must feel that "safety is everyone's job" and not someone else's responsibility.  

We are confident that we will receive your full cooperation and support. For more information on our safety record and policies, please contact our office for the Management of W.J. Post, Inc.


Robert Post,   


Safety Awards:

■ 2010-2021 State of New Jersey Governor' s Safety Award for Continued Excellence

■ 2009 State of New Jersey Governor's Safety Award – Construction

■ 2009 NJ Dept. of Labor and Workforce and Development - Safety Award of Merit

■ 2007-2009 State of New Jersey Governor's Safety Award – Facilities

■ 2004-2006 2006 NJ Division of Public Safety and Occupational Safety and Health - Award of Merit – Facilities

■ 2005 NJ Commissioner of Labor and Workforce Development - Safety Achievement Award – Facilities

■ 2003 NJ State Governor's Occupational Safety and Health Awards Program - Citation of Merit Award

■ 2002 NJ Governor's Occupational Safety and Health - Recognition

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